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Just yesterday we had our maiden edition of the long awaited explosion🔥And here is the real explosion coming up in AUGUST – Stay Tuned🔥…WOMEN EMPOWERMENT TRAINING just making life easier for women in particular. We say this unapologetically😁 Women Empowerment in Importation Business – WEMIB and it is all about👇:

Systemically eliminating the stress women go through – the married, divorcee, widow, single parent, rejected from the society based on different issues etc

Looking at all of these, WEMIB was created.

We have the following under the WEMIB program:

To empower and promote women in any area of their interest.
👉procure the needed equipments to boost/automate the business in an improved manner
👉to train women on how to order goods from reliable sources at a very cheap rate (from supplier) and make more money for a living or as additional income
👉to create further employment for women with adequate training in Nutrition Catering
👉an avenue to get distributors for goods in high demand
👉And much more. Please share about women in your life.


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